Maria is a 25 year old woman who works at the Heaven's Night bar as a dancer. She has short dyed blond hair with the tips dyed pink, and on the right side of her stomach she has a small tattoo of a purple and pink butterfly.   

Name: Maria 
Age: 25 
Hair: Bleached blonde w/ pink tips
Height: 5'7 (approximately)
Weight: 120 lbs (approximately)
Misc: Butterfly tattoo on her stomach
Occupation: Dancer at Heaven's Night

Maria acts as almost a complete opposite of James' late wife, Mary. She is compassionate, seductive, caring, clingy and sexy. She creates an air of mystery about herself by acting as though she has nothing to hide, when actually revealing nothing more then a few clues to James about herself. She is lonely and appears to desperately want a companion to be with through her horrible journey in Silent Hill. While she is also forthcoming about things and has a witty sense of humour in the strangest situations. In order to gain James' trust and companionship she uses herself as an object of his desire to fulfill her needs, as well as others. Often when James seems somewhat unconvinced with her she resorts to seductiveness in order for him to comply to her demands. Overall, Maria shows a strong connection to James, yet at times she tends to seem as though she's in her own little world.

Maria wakes up alone in the Heaven's Night bar to an eerie silence that echoes throughout. She can sense something is definitely wrong. Scared, she sets out to find someone to be with. Someone who will protect her from the hideous creatures that peek through the darkness and someone who will hold her when she needs some reassurance. Frightened, she is able to make her way through the town by fending off some of it's monstrosities. As she reaches Rosewater park she gazes out at the water and waits. Waits for someone to come and be with her.  James.

Hair; Dark brown that has been bleached blonde. The roots show through and the tips are dyed a pale pink color.
Eyes; Pale pink eye shadow over her extremely pale blue eyes.
Lips; Hot red lipstick.
Neck; Leopard print choker with gold medallion that matches her skirt.
Shirt; Dark red cardigan with two of three buttons buttoned, revealing a dark reddish brown bra underneath and her butterfly tattoo on her stomach.
Skirt; A hot reddish-pink leopard print skirt that matches her choker. Worn with a thin belt that has gold medallions hanging off of it.
Boots; Black knee-high  two inch heel boots with red soles.

"James honey, did something happen? After we got separated in that long hallway? You always were so forgetful, remember that time in the hotel? You said you took everything, but you forgot that videotape we made. I wonder if it's still there..."

"It doesn't matter who I am, I'm here for you James... See? I'm real..."

"We have to find Laura..."

"What? Do I look like your girlfriend?"

"My name's Maria, I don't look like any ghost, do I? See, Feel how warm I am?"

"I look like Mary, don't I? You loved her, right? Or maybe, you HATED her..." 

"I'll wait outside, I hate bowling."

"Anyways!? What do you mean 'anyways'!?  I was almost killed back there! Why didn't you try and save me!? All you care about is that dead wife of yours! I've never been so scared in my life!"

"I am... if you want me to be..."

"You can't open it? Come on, you're supposed to be the big strong man around here. How's a little girl like me supposed to help?"

"What's this? Not very cute, is it? Here, James, you take it."

"I'm not your Mary."

"I can't do anything through these bars..."

"Don't you want to touch me?"

"So the hotel was your special place, huh? I bet it was."

I woke up, I was all alone. Everyone's gone... Is it because of those monsters? What do I do now? Do I fight and live? Or do those monsters get me? I don't have any reason to go on living... But... I'm scared to die... so afraid of pain. Should I run away? I want to find somebody. I don't like being alone. But... But is there anyone left alive..."

"Well, that's okay. I don't mind fightin' for an impossible cause."

"Anyway that's just what you think. You don't really know anything."

"You want to be alone in this insane asylum?"

"I'm not sure 'God' is the right word."