Feel free to adopt one of the Maria sprites from Brook Haven Adoptions and link back to here or the adoptions site.

Use them on some  message boards or wherever you'd like.

A few wallpapers I've made can be used to decorate your desktop.
01 - 02 - 03 - 04

Maria's voice actor is Monica Horgan, who also played the voice of Mary. Here are some sample clips of her from the game.

01 - 'James honey did something happen...'
02 - 'Are you confusing me with someone else...'
03 - 'You were always so forgetful...'
04 - 'See? I'm real...'

Here are some songs from the SH2 soundtrack that relate to Maria in some way. If you like the songs then I suggest you buy the soundtrack. Download from Fileplanet. (coming soon)

Heaven's Night - 2:04
Theme of Laura - 3:24
The Day of Night - 1:37
Null Moon - 2:50
Terror in the Depths of the Fog - 4:31
Love Psalm - 4:26