Maria's sub game, entitled Born from a Wish comes with the xbox version of Silent Hill 2, as well as the greatest hits version of Silent Hill 2 for Playstation 2. This enables you to learn more about who Maria is and why she is such an emotional character. It is a short scenario that begins when she wakes up in the Heaven's Night bar and then ends when she reaches Rosewater Park.

Throughout the course of the sub-game, two weapons are available to Maria. 

Magnum: Maria starts the game with the magnum in her dressing room. It holds 6 bullets and is more powerful than the normal handgun that James carries, yet like James she isn't the best shot from far.

Chinese Cleaver: The cleaver is Maria's only melee weapon and is found on the counter of the Heaven's Night's bar. It's a powerful melee weapon that she can use to hack at the hideous monsters.

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